Adding some vibrant colored blooms to your front yard or porch is one of the quickest ways to improve the visual appeal and beauty of your home.

Don’t overdo it – gaudy is not attractive! Choose your landscaping colors carefully so they compliment the home’s exterior.

Select containers that have something in common for the most pleasing affect on the eye and the mind They can all be shades of the same color or even all the exact same shade. \

They can all be the same style or type of pot, in other words, all concrete or all terra cota. You can have different types of planters but use all the same color family of blooms.

Start small and then add gradually until you feel you have a pleasing amount. Do not over do it. If you have too many potted plants and they’re sprawling everywhere, you will achieve exactly the opposite of what you are hoping. Your guests will feel scattered and stressed, not at all peaceful and welcome.

Sherie Smith, Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant


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