Affordable Lighting Repair

Not very impressive is it? One tarnished and dull brass light! But look at the dark expresso light on the left. This is the cheapest ‘exterior lighting save’ in the world!

If you have tarnished and ugly exterior fixtures, consider a quick paint job. Clean the glass and metal up with hot soapy water, let it dry then give your fixture a light sanding to remove any remaining slick spots. Wipe off the sanding grit with another damp cloth and let it dry again. Now paint with either white, black or dark expresso brown exterior metal paint – probably less than $5!

All three of these colors are popular in lighting and both interior and exterior decor colors right now. They’ll look brand new and right in style!

With a few strokes of your paint brush, your front entrance will make a much nicer impression on visitors, potential buyers and your appraiser!

Sherie Smith, Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant, Copyright 2010


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