Some homeowners don’t understand why they have to get off work to meet the appraiser for the home inspection. They don’t mind meeting the cable man or the telephone installer. They don’t mind taking an hour off to get their car worked on or visit the dentist. So WHY are homeowners disgruntled that an appraiser needs to do the inspection during normal working hours?

It’s actually to the homeowner’s advantage! You’ll have a much better chance for a higher appraisal if the inspection is done during normal daytime hours.

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Appraisers inspect during the daytime because the photographs turn out better. The lender wants the best possible photos to get a good feel for the style and condition of the home.   There are usually fewer people at home during the daytime.   There are fewer little ones getting in the way and getting stepped on.  The family pets are usually put away so they don’t get lose or stepped on.    All of that means the appraiser can complete the home inspection quicker and with better concentration without unnecessary interruptions and distractions.

The appraiser must also check out the neighborhood, the style of homes, the age and condition of the homes, the value range of the neighborhood homes, overall amenties for the area such as community pool, playground, creeks, lake or mountain views, etc.  The appraiser also checks out the sale comparables which will be compared to your property.  It is much easier to see the pros and cons of these areas during the daytime.

Last of all, let’s not forget that the appraiser is inspecting your home, normally the most valuable asset couples  have. Why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to make it easier for the appraiser to give you a high appraised home value?

Sherie Smith
Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant

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